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Miniature Puzzles with small pieces from 234 pieces to 1000 pieces

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pcs.   3000 - 24,000 pcs.
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Jigsaw Puzzle Glue (by Masterpieces)  : 4oz bottle puzzle adhesive with brush applicator.
Covers appox. 1 Puzzle 1000 pieces or more
Puzzle Glue (by Springbok)  : 5oz bottle puzzle with spreader applicator. Of those we've tested, the spreader makes this easiest to use. Masterpieces states this glue is made by Elmers.
Covers appox. 1 Puzzle 1000 pieces or more
Glue & Go (New by Ravensburger) : 4oz (118 ml) bottle liquid puzzle glue with foam/sponge type applicator.
"Permanently Seals" appox. 2 1000 Ravensburger Puzzles


Puzzle Conserver (New 2013 by Ravensburger) : with foam/sponge type applicator.
  • Permanently Conserves Your Puzzle
  • Gives the surface a glossy finish & enhances puzzle colors





A Word on Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Devices / Rollups
Puzzle Mats & Rollups are designed as a solution to the problem of an unfinished puzzle monopolizing the dining room table for long periods of time. Just roll up the partially completed puzzle and store (or transport it) until you are ready to resume working on it. The difference in quality of the Rollups below is due to the thickness of the felt mat, the sturdiness of the tube (cardboard, plastic or inflatable), and the fasteners whether they are rubber bands, elastic or canvas straps.

We believe there are two things to keep in mind concerning Rollups. First, they are not a perfect solution. After unrolling a stored puzzle, you may notice some shifting has occurred requiring a degree of reattachment. How much reassembly will depend on how tight you were able to roll the mat while preparing for storage. It interesting to note that the same is true for very expensive Puzzle Caddies ($60-$100) we tested, which needed even more reworking than much less expensive rollups. (We have had good success with the new "Puzzle Store' by Ravensburger below). Second, rollups may not be ideal for jigsaw puzzles with very large pieces, since there would be the possibility of those pieces curling when stored.

FINALLY, why do we prefer the inflatable Stow & Go (Ravensburger)? Using an inflatable instead of a cardboard tube allows you to more firmly compress (roll) the puzzle pieces against the FELT, giving a tighter wrap. This means a bit less reworking when you are ready to continue puzzling.



Jigsaw Puzzle Rollups

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Collapsible Puzzle Roll-up : Includes 36" X 30" felt mat. For 1000 Piece puzzles. Features a unique folding rollup tube & felt mat for compact storage when not in use.



 Puzzle SORT & GO (NEW 2013 by Ravensburger)
  • 6 Stackable Sorting Trays
  • Trays Link / interlock for Sorting
  • Trays stack for compact storage
  • Stack in box to transport
  • For 1000 piece puzzles

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Puzzle STOW & GO: (from Ravensburger)
  • Very different from the other Rollups
  • Inflatable tube for compact storage
  • Bright felt mat for easy sorting & contrast
  • Special non-skid backing
  • 2 securing elastic bands included
  • Mat size 46x26 inches; (most 1000-1500-piece puzzles)


Giant Puzzle STOW & GO (NEW by Ravensburger)
  • Inflatable tube for compact storage
  • Bright felt mat for easy sorting & contrast
  • Special non-skid backing
  • 2 securing elastic bands included
  • Mat size 59" x 41" inches; (for most puzzles up to 3000 pcs.)


The Puzzle Store 2*
A large table is always useful for puzzling, but what happens if you want to set the table for dinner or use it for something else? How do you keep your semi-completed puzzle safe and sound? PUZZLE STORE 2 solves this problem in a neat and easy way that also helps you to sort and store all those little pieces.

PUZZLE STORE 2 is made from molded plastic covered with a high quality linen-finish full color print. The puzzle assembly board measures 28" x 20" and is made from thick and sturdy cardboard, laminated with high-quality paper.
It is suitable for most of the following puzzles:

  • Standard 1000 Pieces

  • Standard 500s

  • 500 Large Format w/Oversized pieces

  • 380-400 piece Family Puzzles

  • 300-350 Large Format w/Oversized pieces
    Note that Rollup Puzzle Mats don't really work well with Large Format Puzzle. If you roll up Large Pieces, they will tend to curl during storage. This Puzzle Store 2 solves that problem.

The closed size is 30" x 22" x 1.2" inches. Open, the unit measures 44" x 30". It has 2 black webbing handles and weighs nearly 7lbs (without a puzzle inside). The outer surface has a wipe clean finish to help you keep it looking smart.

Using PUZZLE STORE 2 is simple. It works a little like a large CD case open up the 2 halves and start to sort your puzzle pieces into the 5 integral sorting trays. Sort by color, or perhaps sort out the edge pieces first. Then just start to assemble your puzzle on the puzzle assembly board. When you are finished for the day, place the assembly board on top of the sorting trays and snap the lid shut to keep everything safe and secure until the next time. The PUZZLE STORE 2 has carry handles so you can either store it upright, or flat (perhaps under a sofa or chair.) Generally, it seemed to us that there is less shifting, and therefore less need to straighten things out when you start up again if you store it flat.

* The PUZZLE STORE 2 is the 2014 version of the original Puzzle Store of 2012

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The Puzzle Store 2 (2014)(by Ravensburger)
The PUZZLE STORE 2 caddy ships in a special box. We can fit at most 1 or 2 puzzles in the same box. If you order more than 2, a 2nd box will be used and therefore an additional shipping charge. We will call or email you with that amount, but frankly, it would be easiest to order no more than 1 or 2 puzzles with the Puzzle Store 2.
The Puzzle Store 2 is the only item we sell that does NOT qualify for the $100 FREE Shipping deal.





A word on shipping: No box we know of adequately protects this item in shipping. We've found it necessary to tape a sleeve on each of the  4 sides to add an extra level of padding to the special sized box we use. It may not be pretty (and it adds to the shipping weight), but it's an improvement on how the factory sends them to us. There is no free shipping on this item.
If you choose PRIORITY MAIL, there will be a $3 surcharge added (not shown at checkout), because the Postal Service charges extra for this OVERSIZED PARCEL.



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