Rules for Mancala

Rules for the Trysse variant using a Mancala board

*Game starts with 4 stones in each hole.
*Move by picking up the stones in any hole on your side of the board and seeding anticlockwise. *Each player only seeds one hole per turn.
*Capture stones by landing on the other (opponent's) side of the board where the final hole contains 2 or 3 stones. If the previous hole also contains 2 or 3 stones they are captured as well, and so on back to the last hole that finished with 2 or 3 stones, or the last hole on the opponent's side of the board.
*Captured stones are removed from the game.
*At no time may you count the stones in any hole by pointing at them or touching them in any way. You may count by looking only.
*You need 25 stones (1 more than half).
*A player who begins his turn with no stones on the opponent's side must make a play, if possible, to put stones on the opponent's side. But if this is not possible, all of the stones remaining belong to player whose side they are on.
Rules for Warri variant using Mancala board

Same as above Trysse variant except as follows:
*Capturing - where the rules state "2 or 3 stones" replace with "1 or 2 stones" instead.
*There is a penalty for leaving the opponent without stones to move with. If the opponent's side of the board has no stones remaining on it when it is his/her turn to play, the player
forfeits all of the remaining stones on the board to the opponent! (Players should therefore
always try to ensure that the opponent's side has at least one stone with which to play. They should be sure that the move will win more seeds than are lost in the penalty!)
*Finally, if an agreed stalemate situation arises in the end game where the two players can easily avoid any further losses by endlessly circulating stones, players agree to stop play and count the seeds they have captured. The player with the majority is given the game. In this case stones still on the board are NOT counted by either player.

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